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It was a fine afternoon and I was all alone in my room thinking of something interesting that had happened in my life over the years of my existence in life. A life which is imperfect and yet worth living for. I had meet different experiences with different people, places, occasions and things. I had an awesome life to be exact for I choose to live like what I wanted. I studied so hard and be able to fulfill my dreams as an architect work in a finest firm here in London and I would say things are doing so well on me. I could buy what I wanted to and I could give those who need some help like my family and friends. I thought I could not ask for more since I have what it takes to be a successful man. But people who are close to me keeps on telling me that I need someone to be in life with. I just answer them with a sigh and smile, says Grace of London escort.

If they had only known the truth why I choose to remain single. I am not saying that I am desperate, what I am trying to show that having someone special to be part in life takes a lot of risks and I would say that I am not yet ready to commit such kind of risks in life now. The pain are still fresh even if it was ten years had passed already but seems that it was yesterday. Yes I admit she was the woman I thought I could marry for she is the only special girl in my life since then. But with what happened to her I think I am not yet ready to commit for another risky situation of my life. I am not certain if my heart will be ready to fall and feel the pain again.

One night my friend invited me to attend to his pre birthday celebration for he needs to travel on his birthday. I was in hurry for I was in a location which 5 kilometers away from the city. It was late afternoon when I decided to go downtown and when I arrived in there I have no more time to drop by the house to freshen up and change so I go directly to the venue where the birthday blast will be held. When I was in the main entrance I saw this gorgeous, hot and unpredictable woman. I just ignore it for I am not so interested with girls since my girlfriend left me in a plane crash. When I get inside I saw the celebrant so happy and enjoying together with his guest. I then come closer to him and give him my birthday present to him. The party is awesome, the food were so good, the drinks were so satisfying and the guests were so cool. I found myself enjoying the party that I never felt the tiredness of the work that I had been through the whole day. When I found myself had enough with the alcohol that I drink then I decided to home, I went straightly to my car on the parking area and I was so devastated to saw a woman crying in front of my car.

Of all the woman acts, my greatest fear and is to see them crying. When I saw her like that I just let her stand and hug her comfort her with she was feeling and only to find out that she is the woman I saw a while ago. I talked to her, bring her to a coffee shop for I want to get back of myself in order to rescue her. I only find out that her dog died from an accident and I was a bit happy for it was all a dog after not someone closer to her. From that moment and on we began to communicate regular with her and when I figured out that she is a London escorts I book her most of the time. My London escorts are not only sexy but they she brilliant. this is true to all London escorts for I had so many chances of meeting them in one of their gatherings for my London escorts girl want me to accompany her on their major events.